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Pinnacle Advisory Group, Inc. (hereinafter “Pinnacle”) is an investment advisor registered under the applicable provisions of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Firm Definition

Pinnacle Advisory Group, Inc. (“Pinnacle”) is a registered investment adviser under the SEC Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Pinnacle Dynamic Portfolios

Any reference to “Pinnacle’s” portfolio volatility or portfolio performance is based on the actual performance of Pinnacle’s composite portfolio groups. There are five Pinnacle composite portfolios – Dynamic Conservative, Dynamic Conservative Growth, Dynamic Moderate Growth, Dynamic Appreciation, and Dynamic Ultra Appreciation – and each is managed within the constraints of a specific Investment Policy Statement. The composite portfolios are actively managed and the underlying securities and/or percentage holdings in each security can and do change as Pinnacle alters its market outlook based on a continuous evaluation of market and economic conditions. The composite portfolios typically own a diversified mix of no-load or load-waived mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that invest in U.S. and international equities, fixed income securities, and alternative investments such as commodities, real estate, and hedge-fund-like strategies.
It is important to note that the returns and volatility shown are accurate representations of past performance, but are not necessarily predictive of future performance or volatility as market conditions can and do change. Returns are calculated using month-end portfolio values. Any and all return or volatility data for the composite portfolios are shown net of all Pinnacle fees and any other related fees (such as fund expense ratios or transaction/trading costs where applicable), include dividends and interest, and are size and time weighted. Policy composites include portfolios formerly categorized as “Stock” or “Mutual Fund,” which may have deviated slightly from target model weightings in the past. Policy composite returns may vary from individual Pinnacle client accounts due to deposits or withdrawals from the account, or other client driven market timing or security selection issues. Pinnacle composite portfolios may be compared to various asset classes, blends of asset classes, indices, or mutual fund universes. The performance and volatility of these asset classes are for comparison purposes only and such performance can be materially different than a Pinnacle composite portfolio.
The material contained on this website is provided solely for information purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal, or tax advise, nor is it an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any investment, investment process, strategy, or advice. It has been prepared without regard to the individual circumstances and objectives of persons who read it and may not be suitable for all individuals. Pinnacle encourages individuals to seek the advice of a professional advisor. The appropriateness of particular advice, an investment, or other strategy depends on a person’s or entities individual or particular circumstances.
The information provided was prepared by Pinnacle only. The facts, views, analysis, strategies, and opinions presented have not been reviewed by any individuals or entities other than representatives of Pinnacle. Pinnacle makes every effort to use, reliable, comprehensive information, but Pinnacle, its employees, or any affiliated entities, or third parties make no warranties or representations of any kind relating to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided and shall not be liable for any damages of any kind relating to such information. Pinnacle has no obligation to inform you when opinions or information discussed is changed.
The trademarks and service marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. No portion of any information contained herein may be reprinted, sold, or redistributed without the written consent of Pinnacle and/or the individuals or entities mentioned herein.

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