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Living and working abroad, even in retirement, has gotten a bit more complex in recent years, and retirees can use all the information and help they can get to make sure their nest egg goes as far as it can in the new host country. Monthly articles on a wide range of topics all related to the financial “ins” and “outs” of living as an expat abroad give you the key pieces of information you need to make living well in retirement a reality. Subscribe now, and these practical tips and techniques will drop in our inbox automatically each month.

Our Expat Journey Begins

Earlier in my career, I traveled around the world as a technical expert for the U.S. delegation that negotiated the ISO standard for financial planning, ISO 22222.

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“The Ultimate Guide To Successfully Retiring Abroad” By Raoul Rodríguez, CFP ®

This 76-page guide covers a broad range of topics perfectly suited to those contemplating retirement abroad in order to make their nest egg go further or a return to family and friends in retirement.

You’ll get straight answers to questions like:

  • Do I have to file tax returns in both countries?
  • Can I buy a home in my new country, and what does that mean for my tax status?
  • Do I need to register to become a citizen, or can I retain my US citizenship?
  • Can I keep assets on both countries, and is it better to keep my US bank account?
  • How do I leave a legacy to my US relatives?

And much, much, more. While other guides might touch on some aspects of your financial life abroad, among the restaurant reviews and cultural calendars, this one focuses on your financial life abroad in retirement, and how to reach your financial goals, and live the retired life you’ve dreamed of.

This comprehensive guide includes hard facts about your financial obligations and responsibilities as an American expat in another country, including lists of forms, filing dates for government documents, charts and graphs of different required paperwork and the roles and titles of people who can help you submit them correctly – everything you’ll need to make your nest egg go as far as it can legally and responsibly.

Download the first two chapters of this wonderful guide, absolutely free. Plus, you’ll receive the entire Guide as a convenient digital e-book absolutely free when you hold an appointment with one of our wealth managers.

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