Expat Finance With Raoul

Welcome to the first of hopefully many episodes of the new podcast for U.S. expats abroad, Financial Planning for expats, with host Raoul Rodriguez. As you can see by his biography, Raoul is a highly accredited, highly accomplished financial planner with a specialty in cross-border and expat financial planning – knowing the ins and outs […]

Can Someone Just Please Answer My Question?!

Everyone craves certainty in the answers to our questions. And expatriates have lots and lots of questions! However, in an international context it often seems that one, apparently, simple question results in different answers, often contradictory. Tell me, how are we supposed to make the best decision under those circumstances? Below you will find a […]

Our Expat Journey Begins

Earlier in my career, I traveled around the world as a technical expert for the U.S. delegation that negotiated the ISO standard for financial planning, ISO 22222.